Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In two days, Lindz and I will begin our whirl-wind-city-adventure! I’ve been thinking back to one of our first trips we ever made - we got to drive to church camp all by ourselves which was a very big deal at the time. We painted a sign that said “All good things” and stuck it in the rear window of Lindsay’s car and headed for the hills. On our way up there, we missed two rather important turns and didn’t get to camp tell after dark. We weren’t lost though it just took us longer to get there, as my dad says.

Then there was the scuba diving in Cozumel adventure which was a fantastic time! But, I remember talking with a lady while we were in the airport in Dallas. I told her about how Lindsay and I waited forever for our luggage before we turned around and realized we were at the wrong luggage claim. I thought it was funny. The lady didn’t crack a smile. She said, “You two would never make it in Europe.” Insult of all insults!!! I calmly and politely disagreed with her. And now here we are the two of us are about to go to Europe! I keep thinking about that lady, wishing she could see us now *eye roll*. But you know, we are going to make silly mistakes, and we’re going to live and learn, laugh, and keep rolling – that’s what makes it a whirl-wind adventure. That’s what makes it fun!

Anyway, (kind of a tangent there) it is fun to think about how privileged we felt to get to drive to church camp (1.5 hrs away), and how it was even more amazing when we got to drive to NM and CO, and all our other trips, and now we get to go to France! As much as I love traveling, I don’t want to do it so much that I start taking it for granted. I always want that “Wow, I can’t believe we get to do this!’ feeling.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Country kids

I taught her how to use her shirt as a huge pocket.

I taught him how to pick the kitty's nose.

My brother and his wife invited some friends over to our place for dinner. I do take an occasional picture of the adults, but the kids are so much more fun!