Friday, March 18, 2011

What's in a Name?

Here's the deal - I am setting up a shop on Etsy for my pottery. I need THE BEST shop title/url EVER. Listed below are some ideas, and I want feedback from you guys! Since I live in rural Oklahoma and I use earth tone glazes, and leaf and grass imprints on my pottery, I was thinking of an "earthy" title. I have also been using a leaf design when signing my pots - that's why many of my title ideas include the word "leaf". Also, Etsy encourages blogging about your craft. I may use this blog, or I may create another so the shop and blog titles can be all matchy-matchy.

1. SkybagPottery
2. SkyLeafPottery (kind of ties in with Skybag but includes "leaf" that ties in with my signature)
3. BaggettBarn
4. FeatherGrass
5. RedLeafPottery
6. RedDogPottery
7. BagLadyPottery
8. RedSkyPottery
9. ArrowLeafPottery
10. BaggettFarm
11. BackcountryPottery
12. TreeSwingPottery
13. TerritoryPottery

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flower Child

We found some of my grandma's old hats...the kind of hats that make great photos, but that you wouldn't wear in public.
"Do you like my hat?
I do not like that hat.