Friday, March 18, 2011

What's in a Name?

Here's the deal - I am setting up a shop on Etsy for my pottery. I need THE BEST shop title/url EVER. Listed below are some ideas, and I want feedback from you guys! Since I live in rural Oklahoma and I use earth tone glazes, and leaf and grass imprints on my pottery, I was thinking of an "earthy" title. I have also been using a leaf design when signing my pots - that's why many of my title ideas include the word "leaf". Also, Etsy encourages blogging about your craft. I may use this blog, or I may create another so the shop and blog titles can be all matchy-matchy.

1. SkybagPottery
2. SkyLeafPottery (kind of ties in with Skybag but includes "leaf" that ties in with my signature)
3. BaggettBarn
4. FeatherGrass
5. RedLeafPottery
6. RedDogPottery
7. BagLadyPottery
8. RedSkyPottery
9. ArrowLeafPottery
10. BaggettFarm
11. BackcountryPottery
12. TreeSwingPottery
13. TerritoryPottery


Bo said...

Clay Leaves

and for the rejects...Clay Pigeons.

Toni said...

Kinda liking Arrow Leaf Pottery! Welcome to the sisterhood of Etsy!!

Catherine MacDermott said...

I vote RedLeaf or RedSky Pottery, with RedSky being my favorite of the two.

Good that you are considering "matchy-matchy" and the message you want your pottery to convey. Also think about who your audience might be on Etsy and what moniker would target them best. Oh, listen to me...the business teacher just can't stay out of way :)

Pottery is lookin mighty good!

Dale said...

I think I like RedSky Pottery the most.

Buck said...

I am NOT the person to ask for naming advice, being totally unoriginal and decidedly lacking in creativity. Witness my son's names: Ivan (variant of John), Samuel, and Robert. See? Not a Braveheart or a Dweezil in the bunch.

I told yer Mom I liked "PissPoor Pottery," but there are obvious downsides to that one. ;-)

Michael Harris said...


But not necessarily in that, I'd LOVE to do a logo for you, when you make up your mind...

Nice stuff, girl!

Jade said...
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Faith said...

I like RedSky Pottery the best. Baglady Pottery cracks me up though. So clever!

Faith said...

Oh, and when you have a class I want to sign up too!

Fire Fox said...

How about Oak Leaf Pottery?

Anny said...

"The Pour Shop" play on words....

Bag Blog said...

I thought about Mud Dogs or Mud Dawgs, Clay Time, and I'm still thinking.

Anonymous said...

RedSky Pottery! Do I get a RR house warming gift? :) Barbara

Skybag said...

Wow, Redsky seems to be a favorite. Thanks for your feedback guys!
Bo, I thought about clay pigeons too!
Buck, Ivan is creative. PissPoor has a nice ring to it :)
Thanks Michael! I do need help with a logo!
Yes Faith, you are on the list!
Yes Barbara, and Mike's tea mugs are almost done.

Jo Castillo said...

Red Sky Pottery

When you said tea cups, Tea Leaf came to mind, but I like Red Sky better.