Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beach at Aberdeen

While I was at the beach by myself one evening, I asked a girl walking by if she would take my picture. We talked for a while. She said her name was Sayda. "Sayda!?" I said like it was some kind of crazy ethnic name. "Yeah, Sayda." Haha, it wasn't tell after she left I realized she was saying Sarah.

My footprints in Scottish sand!

Grandma resting her bones
(and this lonliness won't leave her alone
two thousand miles she's roamed
just to make this dock her home...)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Edinburgh City Centre

Here is a map showing the train station, the castle and the palace. Although, we never made it to the palace we had good intentions of going there!
View from the castle looking down the Royal Mile.

We had to walk up the hill from the train station to get to the castle.
The next couple of pics are our views along the way.
A picture of Mom taking a picture.
Here I am on High Street.

We stopped in this cafe for some coffee and desert.
High Street, again - well, all the street pictures are High Street.
This was taken from the castle walls.
I gave this piper a few coins after I took his picture. He gave me
a wink for it. Too bad he didn't give me a wink in the picture!

Here's Grandma waiting for me at a pub.

Train Station

Send for the moving clowns!

Saturday, we moved my Grandma from an old house in a bad neighborhood to a cute house in a good neighborhood. My grandma has lived in her old house for 31 years, so there are a lot of memories tied up that house. I'm pretty heartless and leaving the house behind wasn't bothering too much until I went into Grandma's beauty shop. I got a little bummed then. The beauty shop has always been one of my favorite places, and I'm really going to miss the smells and all the good times that we had there!
I ran around and took pictures to remember the old place by. I caught my mom and her cousin Patty acting like astronauts being launched into space - haha! Apparently, Patty forgot I had my camera in my hands! In the top picture we took a moment right before the final heave into the trailer to take a fun picture. That's my Uncle Craig banging away on the piano.