Friday, February 8, 2008


Benny, one of my coworkers was working on an idea for a DLT project. He used my picture for it - called me a guinea pig! His idea turned out kind of cool, so he signed it (dead center) and made it a real piece of art! Benny got his inspiration from Andy Warhol. I almost didn't want to post Marilyn along with my own picture - you know the whole "gentlemen prefer blondes" thing...bunch of rubbish... Anyway thanks, Benny!


Ashley Williams said...

Cute pic Jesse. Gentlemen do prefer blondes! ;)

Skybag said...

It is true :( I heard about this lady that did an experiment and died her hair different colors to see if it made a difference. She said with blonde hair she got a lot of attention from business and lawyer type men. With black hair, it was biker dudes. And with red and brown hair she wasn't really even noticed!!

Inquiries said...

I highly doubt that people do not notice you. How could they not!