Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Reader's Theater

At the Evening of Shorts the other night, they had a Reader's Theater where they chose "random people" from the crowd to act in a skit. Since Reagan was a part of the production, she got to choose three men from the crowd. She chose her dad, Robert (with the long gray hair and red hat), Shay (lovely curly hair and no hat), and my dad (red hat with flowers). They acted as ladies in a commitee meeting. So stinkin' funny!!! BTW - I didn't take these photos. I stole them.


Bag Blog said...

Those are some handsome women - especially the one in the red hat with the flowers.

I need a picture of Reagan in the play.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

i'm thinking Toby needs that faux mink scarf for daily wear.

Fire Fox said...

Hi Jesse, what a great collection of posts! I've been reading your Mom's blog and followed the link here. What a talented family! Regards,

Skybag said...

Welcome to my blog, Alison, and thanks for saying Hi!

Jay, I saw Dad wear his mink to work this morning. He insisted that it was only because we were having chilly weather today - but I know better ;)