Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Camp Y'Shua 2008

The drive up to camp.

GB#1 and her buddies.

Reagan and I took some stupid pictures. I know the word stupid is really negative, but that's the word we use. It got a little slow at one point and I said, "Hey, Reagan, you want to go take some stupid pictures?!" And she said, "Yeaaah!" And we had a blast - we got some really dumb ones too. I may post them later.

Lindsay, Kat and I have been tenting together for the past several camps, and this was our last year to be together *sniff*.
I'm going to add some more camp pics later.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Few California Pics

Well, there is no rhyme or reason to these pictures - I simply felt like posting something and these were the ones I happened to select. Someday, I'll organize and post the whole trip - which they really are fun/great pictures.

Reagan and Lindsay in Yosemite

Door in Napa Valley

San Fransisco fog

Fisherman's Wharf

Reagan at Carmel Beach

Driving over Golden Gate


Me with a really cool car.
Actually Lindsay's aunt has had this car since she was 16.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wedding Shower

Here's the few pictures I took at Lindsay and Shay's wedding shower.
Aunt B giving Lindsay and Shay the fellowship wedding ring quilt.
Shay in his "Groom" shirt. Lindsay likes how he's such a good sport. And he is a good sport!!

At the shower, I was still getting over "the crud". It hurt to speak, so I didn't - do you know how lame that is!? I never really thought that I was a big talker, but after this whole week of coughing and sputtering and avoiding conversation, I've realized how much I absolutely love to talk! Anyway, at the shower I mostly hung out with GB#2. Her two-word sentences were about my speed.
Princess#2 and GB#1 are good buddies - I wonder if someday they will have a picture like mine and Lindsay's - that could be fun!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Cowboys Game

At work we were offered tickets to the Cowboys/Redskins game. Several of the other people at work backed out of going to the game, so I was able to obtain enough tickets to take my family. Adam was the only one from work who didn't back out. He kept complaining about having to go with me and my fam, but I think he was secretly delighted - who wouldn't be!?
I personally didn't have an enjoyable time. I got food poisoning or something and spent the last two quarters alternating between the women's restroom, hanging out back with the smokers, or standing in the stadium opening with the security guards.
Me, Sara, Bo, Dad, Mom

This is the last year the Cowboys will be playing in this stadium.

Brother Bo looking through binoculars.


My folks

One of the best things about going to the game is watching the crowd around you.

My brother