Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Camp Y'Shua 2008

The drive up to camp.

GB#1 and her buddies.

Reagan and I took some stupid pictures. I know the word stupid is really negative, but that's the word we use. It got a little slow at one point and I said, "Hey, Reagan, you want to go take some stupid pictures?!" And she said, "Yeaaah!" And we had a blast - we got some really dumb ones too. I may post them later.

Lindsay, Kat and I have been tenting together for the past several camps, and this was our last year to be together *sniff*.
I'm going to add some more camp pics later.


Bag Blog said...

GBN1 and her buddies - The Next Generation!

You might want to mention that the photos of you and Reagan holding hands and making hearts is a spoof on Lindz' engagement photos. I got it, but not everyone will.

What a nice sign! Sniff :(

Inquiries said...

Great pictures Jesse

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

OK the one of you doing the elated Toyota jump...that's your blog id pic.