Sunday, February 28, 2010

We don't look so good.

Shay and Lindsay came out to help us with the house along with some others on Saturday morning. While all the men folk worked sheathing the exterior walls, Mom, Lindsay and I did "women's work" and put in fire block in the interior walls. Mom, the old pro, cut the boards and Lindsay and I installed them. There was a slight learning curve for Lindz and I... is it possible to completely miss the board three times in a row? Yes, it is!

Seen below is a different day, two weeks ago when just Shay came out to help frame walls. House building makes for good memories!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ground Crew

Here are some of the young men that helped with our house on Saturday.

Monday, February 22, 2010

I could just drink you up!

In Paris we ran into two older ladies who were also having a girl trip. They had just been in Nice which is where we were planning on being in a couple of days. They told us that their last evening there they had a picnic out on the beach. They said it was THE best eveing they had. Our last evening in France, we bought a bottle of wine, a baguette, cheese, and some fruit and headed for the beach. It was a lovely evening! All except for that man sitting in Lindsay's wine.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Napping on the Train

Here’s a picture of Lindz sleeping on the train on the way back from Versailles. At first, I accidentally took a 3 second video of her sleeping. It’s hilarious – her little head bobbing up and down. We’ve laughed at it tell we’ve gotten sick. Unfortunately, I don’t have the video to post right now or I would gladly share the fun.

But see the guy in the background? It was a long quiet trip back to Paris with Lindsay bobbing in the seat across from me. But this dude and I were in direct line of sight with each other. Our eyes met several times. It was a little awkward. Eventually the awkwardness wore away. While our friends slept and we stayed awake to make sure no villainous Parisians painted moustaches on our faces, the two of us somehow bonded. Or at least it just grew less awkward.

Fast forward to the next day – Lindsay and I were making our way through the herds of people at the Louvre. Who do you think I ran into, but that very dude I sat across from! I shoved my finger in his nose and yelled, “I know you!!!” He grinned and nodded his head like, “Yes, yes, but I don’t speak English, and my girlfriend is right over there, so end of conversation!” Then he vanished.

*hushed voice* It was destiny.