Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wedding Shower

Here's the few pictures I took at Lindsay and Shay's wedding shower.
Aunt B giving Lindsay and Shay the fellowship wedding ring quilt.
Shay in his "Groom" shirt. Lindsay likes how he's such a good sport. And he is a good sport!!

At the shower, I was still getting over "the crud". It hurt to speak, so I didn't - do you know how lame that is!? I never really thought that I was a big talker, but after this whole week of coughing and sputtering and avoiding conversation, I've realized how much I absolutely love to talk! Anyway, at the shower I mostly hung out with GB#2. Her two-word sentences were about my speed.
Princess#2 and GB#1 are good buddies - I wonder if someday they will have a picture like mine and Lindsay's - that could be fun!


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Funny...i often wonder the same things...who will be my kids lifelong friends?

Bag Blog said...

When I see this next generation of little ones playing together, I know they will all be friends, but I wonder who will be "best buds."

Skybag said...

Shelly was my childhood buddy. We did everything together growing up in NM. Sadly, we don't really keep up with one another anymore. Lindsay and I laugh about how we would have hated each other had we known each other as children. Funny how it all works out.