Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Dog

Usually, it's the same old story of, "He followed me home from school." But this time he was already home. I came in from work and opened the door to let Ranger out of the house. Ranger came leaping out and following him was this little feller army-crawling out the door. Mom had gotten me a puppy!
"Say it ain't so!"

He's a Red Heeler, and he has no name yet. We've compiled a short list of possible names. Feel free to leave any suggestions.

Kit Carson (Kit)
(We knew a man named Rooster who had a similar dog named Cat.)
Sky (I love that dog like a bird loves to fly!)
(Boohoo Boone)
Bucko (Hold your horses there, Bucko!)
or Remus
(Sounds like something a 5th grade boy would choose, but I like it!)

And I will probably be updating this list as the day goes on...


Catherine MacDermott said...

How bout "doc" since he's a "heeler!" (sp) :)
What a nice surprise and bundle of love for you to find when you got home!

Bag Blog said...

What about Rascal or Drover? I still like Rico or Davy. Kit works well. Peanutbutter is not bad. We could shorten it to Peanut or pee-er, which seems appropriate.

Buck said...

He's a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Since he's roany, I thought about Hancock. But I can't imagine having to say, "Here..Hancock!"

I like Rooster.

Mezzo SF said...

ahhhhhh sooooo cuuuute!!!!!!!!!!
My fish is called pancho. hahhah.

I kinda like boone.

Becky said...

He's cute! He strikes me as a Crockett.

Inquiries said...

I like Roco. He looks like a Fergie or Daily to me.