Monday, April 27, 2009

My Debut

Well, it's finally over! Speech, speech. I want to thank everyone for coming. It really meant a lot to see my people in the reception line. Special thanks goes to my Mom who came to all three performances and made royal fun of me when I fell on stage! Special thanks goes to the Piper for helping us break set. Special thanks also goes to Lindsay who took pictures out in the audience.

Sarah was the emcee, and she sang too. She sang "Somewhere over the Rainbow" in her Judy Garland voice every night before Act II. I'd get so carried away in her song that I'd forget to be nervous.
In this scene, Dez is supposed to say, "Got that, Poppy?" And I'm supposed to say, "Um...well". One night, he kind of got lost in his part and asked me three different times, "Got that, Poppy?" What was I supposed to do, say "Um...well" three times? I finally just said, 'Noooo." which actually made the audience laugh. Sometimes, I acted confused like Poppy, but most of the time I really was confused - no, acting required!

Lots of chasing people around with the ax.

Act II was a free-for-all. I told the guys before hand that I really had a strong desire to tackle someone. Dez volunteered.

This part with Travis and Gina was always one of my favorites - made me laugh every time! Travis had a role like mine where he was stage help. And he had to go on for one of the other actors in Act III. He was supposed to have a British accent, but he came up with his own German/something accent. He would say, "Just a meenuuut."


Catherine MacDermott said...

Next step - Broadway! Congrats on three wonderful performances!

Bag Blog said...

I do have to say that when you came out on stage wearing your jeans and that shirt, I thought, "Doesn't she have a costume? Isn't that her normal clothes?" And thank you for making me laugh so hard.

Skybag said...

That's right Catherine, we're taking the show on the road! Thanks for the congrats!

Yeah Mom, coming up with my "costume" wasn't very hard.

Mezzo SF said...

congrats!! the description of the flying shoe (by your mom) cracked me up...just making a funny show even funnier :)

Dale said...

Looked like a great show Jesse, I would have loved to have seen it!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

well...i must confess...i felt obligated to pay for the freebie i got Fri. nite.

Buck said...

Thanks for these. I'm late to the party, but I TRULY enjoyed the pics and narrative. Congrats!!