Monday, November 28, 2011

Preparing for the Woodfiring

I didn't realize it, but woodfiring is kinda a big deal for pottery people. Just look at these two guys as they load the kiln. They NEVER smile, but here they are practically giddy. The guy in the kiln is from Texas Tech. That's another thing I didn't know - when you have a woodfiring, potters from all around come to participate (and have some of their work fired as well).

Here is Steve Hilton, the dude in charge. He cut wood into the night preparing for two days of firing.

I think they started the kiln around midnight Friday night. I came in at 4:30 help out. Here is the sun shining through the wall in the early morning. You can see the smoke coming off the kiln, and notice all the wood...that's not all of it.

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Bag Blog said...

All boys love to play in the mud and build fires.