Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I ain't no portrait photographer!

I turned these photos in for my big photography assignment. We had to turn in two self-portraits and two portraits of two different people. I had a really hard time taking portrait pics! I'm the kind of photographer that sees magic happening, and I run and get my camera. But with this assignment, I had to make the magic happen. Only the truly talented photographers can work magic!

Plus I've been trying to figure out what the teacher wants so I can please him, but I can't figure him out! Every picture he points out as being good, I think is lame - seriously. Anyway, I gave up and just turned in my favorite pictures. I absolutely love the ones of Dad and Adam!

The only pic my teacher seemed to like was the one of me in the red scarf. I'll keep y'all posted on what grade I get!


Bag Blog said...

I like what the hat shadows do on your nose - interesting. I absolutely love Adam's pic. Dad is always a fun photo. The one of the red scarf is very good too. Gee, I sound like your mother.

Jo Castillo said...

I like the photos, too! Sometimes I think I'm related to your Mom. :)

Andy said...

That is a GREAT photo of Adam. Seriously!

I like your Dad's Egyptian pose better, though.

Anonymous said...

okay, this stinkin "please prove you're not a robot" thing is making me whacky....I've tried leaving a message 3 times now.

What I said was, I love the picture of you in the red scarf, not so much for the photography (thought it's excellent photography), but because it's a wonderful photography of YOU! And yes, the one of Adam is exceptional and I'd love a copy electronically so I can make a print for his Dad. .... Catherine

Jesse said...

Yeah Catherine, I'll get you an electronic copy and I can print you out one on the school's fancy-shmancy printer.

Stefan said...

I like the red scarf one the best. Maybe the texture of the background, then the scarf, and it all seems to have a great depth. I really like the close cropping as well. Finally, it has the sense that you are admonishing the viewer to quit staring at you, and I can almost feel myself wanting to look away, and pretend I wasn't really staring, but then take another quick peek.