Saturday, January 11, 2014

Challenge starts tomorrow!

July 2013 - Driving to Otavalo from Quito, our guide pulled over for us to stretch our legs and use the restroom. While walking around I peered over a stone wall and beheld this amazing view. The mountain has a name and a legend which I have forgotten both. But, at this stop they had nice bathrooms and a little store where I bought a slice of orange cake. I remember the orange cake!

Alright, I started this blog back when I worked at Halliburton and was bored. My posts started dwindling when I started art school. I am still in school, and I often reference my blog searching for inspiration for art projects. As I scroll through my pictures, a funny thing happens. I start recalling everything that was going on in my life when I took the photos.

Because this blog is a journal of sorts, because it is a convenient location to organize my favorite pictures...and because I am a little into myself, I think I will challenge myself to post regularly again.

The challenge - to post one picture a week for a year. The picture has to have been taken that same week, and it has to be "blog worthy". I might every now and then share an extra throwback photo...if I get bored.


Jo Castillo said...

Looking forward to your posts! This photo is great. Makes me homesick for Bolivia.

Bag Blog said...

I like a challenge.

Jesse said...

Thanks Jo! I'll try to post some more pics of Ecuador. Some of them are repeats from my FB album.