Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Scottish Pics & Dedications

It is common belief that William Wallace is gesturing towards the Brittish, but obviously he is pointing towards the library and theater!

I came accross this neighborhood while I was semi-lost, wandering around Aberdeen. Kind of cute, huh?

This pic is for my brother.

This is for Jay.

This is for Jay too :)

This one is for Reagan.

This one is for Jan and Gary - my biker buds.

This is for Big Daddy and Big Mama.

This is for Bodie and Megan.

This is for my dad who took the wrong trail and scaled the cliffs to Dunnottar.

And that's the end of my Scottish series. I hope you all have enjoyed the pictures half as much as I enjoyed posting them!


Dawn said...

Jess, what fun it has been, I'm a little sad it's over. They were wonderful photo's and the last one here is my favorite of you! Thanks for sharing such gorgeous stuff.

inpassing said...

Nice pics! I've been half-heartedly taking a free online digital photography class. Some of their pointers for photography I could see in your shots. So did you take a class or does this come naturally for you?

Inquiries said...

I loved you Scotland series. Great pictures.

Bag Blog said...

Between the two of us, we could keep the Scotland series going for a while. But your everyday photos showing your outlook on life are fun too.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Thanks JB...it was funny...i saw that plate of delectibles and was like..."Ahhhhhhh" and then i saw the caption and just laughed, and saw the next one and laughed again, thinking "yeah, after a plate of that i would've done the same thing." I'm sad the rides over, if i put in another quarter will it start again?

Buck said...

As I said before: You have a great eye, Jesse. Thanks for these!