Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Friday afternoon, my aunt Kathy, her family, and Grandma came up for a visit. We got out the kite and the kayak on our pond to see how well the kite would pull the kayak. We forgot about the trees... here is Craig untangling the kite string while I'm rowing for all I'm worth (which wasn't much) trying to get clear of the trees.

Dad and Erick waiting for me to bring them the kite for another go-round. Onlookers on the other side of the pond heckled us while I tried to get the kite up again.

And they sailed off into the sunset.

My cousin, my niece, and my aunt.


Bag Blog said...

Thanks for posting the photos. For some reason, I could not click to enlarge. Sometimes mine does that if I "center" the photo rather than "left side." This could be a question for Buck. I'm still looking forward to the "snorkle" photos.

Inquiries said...

Ohh! The snorkel photos should be interesting!

Looks like you guys had some good Okie fun. ;)