Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Ski Trip

A couple of days before Christmas, Grandma and I drove up to Red River, NM and met up with Uncle Craig and his family. We, my cousins Adam and Nina and occasionally Uncle Craig, skied Red River two days and Taos one day. Oh yes, we also went sledding one night which was just as much fun as skiing - cheap entertainment.

Town of Red River

Grandma and I got to RR before everyone else. We went sledding to kill the time - yes, Grandma did some sledding too!
Uncle Craig and me riding up the chair lift together.
Nina and me on our way awesome trick skis.

Nina, Craig, and Adam

Adam and Nina riding up the green chair.

Me and Kay, Catherine's mom. Oddly enough I didn't get any pictures of Catherine or her family or her family's family - all of whom I thoroughly enjoyed! This was definitely a Christmas to remember!


Buck said...

Looks like Big Fun to me!

Bag Blog said...

Red looks as beautiful and fun as ever. I like the ski trick - did you have to take your mitten off to get that balance?

Skybag said...

It was BIG fun, Buck!

In nearly every picture I have my mitten off. I had to have my trigger finger free for my camera, then I'd hand my camera off to have my picture taken.

Catherine MacDermott said...

And it was YOU who made this such a special, fun, and magical Christmas! You are such a bright light, Jesse!

Towanda said...

Jesse, your pictures are just gorgeous!!! I love Red River!