Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eat your heart out, Bo!

Taos doesn't really have blue runs - just black diamonds and green trails. All the black diamonds are covered with moguls which my brother loved skiing when we were kids. I can't remember what this run was called, but we had to hike up a little ways to get to it. It was well worth the hike! I don't think this video of Adam skiing captures it very well, but that run was absolutely gorgeous. Anyway, Bo, wish you could have been there with us!


Bag Blog said...

Ugh! Bo loved the bumps and I hated them. I would do them with him, but I would get off rhythm, and fall. If you can do them right, you can look like as graceful as a ballerina. If you do them wrong, you look like a three legged dog.

Skybag said...

Yeah, Adam loved the moguls, but Nina and I weren't all that crazy about them. We'd still go down them, though. I was usually screaming with my arms flailing. At one point, there were some "expert" skiers out there. I was trying to look cool while they were around. One of them stopped to look up the mountain. I hit some powder which threw me forward (screaming, arms flailing). I nearly flew into the man - you should have seen him getting out of my way! So embarrassing.