Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pointe Du Hoc

 We had an enjoyable time at Pointe Du Hoc It was a beautiful day for exploring and climbing around the old bomb craters and fortification ruins. The whole experience felt surreal, and there were some definite "crazy world" moments. At one point we were all looking inside one of the gun casements and in there with us were some young men from Germany. It struck me that within my Grandma's (who was standing there as well) lifetime we fought against the Germans in that very spot and now we are touring along side of them. I wonder if either side ever thought that would be the case.

Also touring around that day was a man, his wife, and their dog. I can't remember where they were from, but they were not English speaking. The man and I were down in one of the old fortifications looking into the rooms. The rooms are pitch black, so I'd take a picture letting my camera flash into the darkness. Then we'd both look at the LCD screen to see what was in the room - nothing. Ahhhhh.


Bag Blog said...

I would like to see this someday.

Buck said...

I took my one and only trip to the Normandy beaches and cemeteries as a child of eight years. But I STILL remember my father's reactions on those days (he bein' "up close and personal" with the Nazis in the skies over Germany during the Big One)... that's something that makes quite the impression on ya.

Jesse said...

Let's go, Mom.

Wow Buck, I can see how that would leave an impression on you. Visiting these memorials didn't affect me as much as it did my grandma, and aunt & uncle. I guess with my generation all we have to go on are movies. But I did feel a real sadness at these places. The Omaha beach cemetery was incredibly sad.

Jo Castillo said...

Thanks for the photos, my brother was in the invasion of Normandy. He didn't talk about it much, but did describe some of the horror to my mom. I'll never see it, so thanks again.