Thursday, April 28, 2011

Continuation of France pictures.

A small town in Normandy on our way to the WWII memorials. Maybe Catherine can tell us the name of the town.

 Nina and I took a bunch of these "owning" pictures. It's another one of those things that never got old.

  We ate at this wonderful restaurant. I ordered the first special on the board with some good ol' American ketchup to go with my French frites.

Grandma walking down the boulevard of broken dreams. Her shadow's the only one that walks beside her...


Bag Blog said...

I love the France pics. The one of Grandma reminds me of the "sitting" pics of her in Scotland.

Buck said...

They have ketchup in La Belle France now? Mon Dieu! It was an unobtainium substance there, back in my day. Srsly.

Great pics, as always and ever.

Jesse said...

Yeah Mom, I thought of the "sitting in the dock of the bay" picture too. The label on this picture is words of another song - a modern song ;)

Yes Buck, ketchup is everywhere in France. I was always ashamed to ask for it since it's the prime example of how obnoxious Americans are, but I love ketchup!

Jo Castillo said...

Did you try mustard on fries? That is popular in South America and I think the idea came from Europe. Looks like you had fun.

Stefan said...

Bayeux, France

Google is neat: