Friday, September 16, 2011


Before I can take all the really cool, interesting art classes here at Midwestern, I have to take some beginning, prerequisite classes - Drawing I and 2D Design this semester.  The teacher for Drawing I is very laid back and relaxed. Last class, she taught us different shading techniques. Our homework for the weekend was to draw 3 eggs using ribbon shading, squiggly line shading, and cross-hatching.

My 2D Design class is a little more intense. We just turned in our first big project on Tuesday.  The instructor had us each hang our work on the wall and then stand there beside it for a class critique. The students were all very tactful, but they all had a little something to say.  I was the last student to be critiqued. Standing up there with my art work felt like standing in a lineup naked.


Bag Blog said...

You got some nice eggs there.

joyce said...

maroon and gold are your school colors? We saw some Midwestern tee shirted folks at our Chick-fil-a here in Arlington, Texas. Do you have a football team playing at the new Cowboy Stadium today?

I hope you get an A for your eggs.

Junk Diva said...

I give you an A+ on your eggs. So glad you are enjoying school.

Jesse said...

Well, I think my eggs did okay. Some of the other students' eggs were lacking, so we are having to draw them again. Only, instead of three eggs, we have to draw four this time.

Yes, we do have a football team. I need to start keeping up with them!

Jo Castillo said...

It seems like eggs are a basic. You did sooo well. Hope the other students shape up!! :-)