Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Raku Firing

The MSU ceramic gurus, Steve and Tyber, pulling lava hot pottery from the kiln and placing them in trash cans full of sawdust.

After a couple of minutes, they pulled the pottery from the trashcans and placed them in a rubber trashcan full of water to cool them off.

Then we fished them out of the water to oooh and awww over them.

This is my first completed pottery piece of my MSU college career!


Bag Blog said...

Looks like a bunch of hobos around a fire.

Catherine said...

ooooh...awwww, nice work! hope you're having fun! Looking forward to the next Jesse adventure as MSU!

Buck said...

Nice work, Jess.

joyce said...

wouldn't the sawdust ignite? does the sawdust application change the texture or color? Bob and Joyce are wondering. beautiful color.

Jesse said...

Yes, the sawdust does ignite, and then you place the lid on the trashcan which starves the fire of oxygen which somehow has a unique effect on the glaze of the pot.