Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do you have a license for your minkey?

For my tooty class, project 2 (part 1) we learned about figure/ground relationships. We had to choose an object to create a silhouette. Wherever the silhouette overlapped another silhouette we left the space white. I chose the monkey from the barrel of monkeys.

For part 2, we learned about repetition and rhythm - basically wallpaper. BTW, my monkey wallpaper made it to the hall of fame, woohoo!

Also, I included the "do you have a license for your minkey" clip from The Pink Panther only because I thought about it continuously while painting my monkeys.


Bag Blog said...

I love the barrel of minkeys pattern. And I'm still laughing at the video.

I love the new blog look too.

Buck said...

Those are some well-organized and fine lookin' minkeys.

Jesse said...

Thanks, you guys! Are ya'll speaking with French accents? Should I say "merci"?

Jo Castillo said...

Your "menkeys" are so cool. Even Gene watched the video with me and we are laughing as we go off to golf! Hugs.