Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Adam's Room

I and another cousin have both moved in with Grandma for the semester. This is the beauty/office bedroom that has now become Adam's room. Little does Adam know that Grandma and Buddy are chilling in his room while he's off at work. I bet he figures it out. And, I bet he doesn't care - just funny.


Catherine MacDermott said...

I think Buddy-hairs on his pillow may be the give away! I'm pressed at how neat it is. Beat Grandma loves having you all there...maybe y'all should call it "Buddy and Grandma's Boarding House."

Catherine MacDermott said...

Make that IMpresed...must slow down, but can't too much to do in 24 short-stinkin' hours

Jesse said...

I've been calling it, "Grandma's House of Misfits"!