Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Homework

For my Drawing II class, I have to draw three large drawings of colorful balls using oil pastels. I chose to draw a bowl of skittles. You can see the beginnings of one in the foreground. While I worked on my homework, Mom and my cousin Adam played around with watercolor.

In my Photography class, the teacher went over shutter speed. As homework he requested that using different shutter speeds we take pictures of people "hauling A". He said, "Cats don't do this very well, neither do chickens, neither do old people". Adam was kind enough to volunteer. Zoe volunteered too. My teacher also requested that our subjects over exaggerate their arm movements to cause more motion to capture. Adam doesn't naturally run like this. Every time he passed through my camera view...well I laughed really hard. It was funny as H.


Bag Blog said...

Every time I looked out the window to see Adam running by, Jesse was doubled over with laughter.

I saw an interview with George Clooney on his movie, "The Descendants." In the movie he makes this very silly run wearing flip-flops. He kept saying, "I don't really run like that, but the director loved it and made me do it over and over."

The director was probably just having fun.

Catherine MacDermott said...

Adam looks like he's wearing clown shoes - maybe that's why he's running so funny!

Buck said...

...neither do old people"

I can vouch for THAT.

wv: yarga. Sumthin' else old people don't do. Those with more than three interconnected synapses, anyhoo.

Jo Castillo said...

Ah, too funny for words! (Your Skittles look great!)