Friday, April 18, 2008


These pictures were taken two years ago during my last job (like I've had so many!) when I was working for Kris as a secretary. Kris ran a radio station maintenance type business. I don't remember the exact description ( sorry, Kris). Kris was working on a radio tower north of Altus, OK in the Quartz Mountain area. He rented a helicopter to take supplies to the top of the mountain for this project. Anyway, I had no real business being up there, but Kris knows that I love all thing that have to do with flight. He gave me the very important job of photographer/filmer/list checker offer. It was a really awesome day, and I will always love Kris and Cassie just for letting me be there!

Kris and Cassie
The tower on the tip-tippity-top of the mountain. (Not very pretty, is it?)

John Blue

This guy was the owner of the radio station - the helicopter is in the distance.

The pilot needed to fly back to Altus airport to fill up. I begged him to take me along. The owner came along too. He let me ride beside the pilot on the way to Altus, but I was demoted to the back seat on the way back - which was all good with me. I was just thankful to be flying in a helicopter!

This is me and the pilot at the Altus airport.


Inquiries said...

You get to have all the fun! ;)

Buck said...

Wow.! What a great opportunity, Jess! And great pics, as usual.

I've had exactly one helicopter flight in my life, and it was pretty cool as well. I flew from Clark AB up to Wallace Air Station (in the Philippines) in 1976, or so, in a USAF chopper. I don't remember the model, but I do know it wasn't a Huey. The thing that made the flight interesting is we were only about 300 feet off the deck all the way there... just above tree-top height, or so it seemed. I got to sit in the open door with my legs hanging out over the side, securely strapped in with a safety harness, of course (which was more like a life-line than a harness, but difficult to describe). THAT was the most memorable part of the flight.

Junk Diva said...

Way cool Jesse!!!!! Great photos.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

and to think that working for The Hoopty is just a bunch of boring techie number scratching...guess the heli was just a bit more sexy than the pack mules huh?

Skybag said...

I don't know Buck, that sounds too awesome to be true! Do you have any pictures to prove it? :) Someday, I don't know how, but I want a ride on a military chopper. Do you happen to have any connections? ;) And my McQueen pic was inspired by one of your postings.

Piper - Pack mules are sexy too, but if I had to choose...hmmm.

Ashley, "When you are old like me" then you can have fun! ;)

Course of Perfection said...

TC from Magnum PI made me wanna fly helicopters. You're livin' my dream...'cept you're riding & not flying.

Cool pics as usual.

Yeah, Ash, wait 'til you're "old" like Jesse.

Dawn said...

Well Thank you miss skybag, I had never got to see any photo's of this particular job! I sure got to hear enough though! I'm going the next time Helicopters are involved :)

Buck said...

Someday, I don't know how, but I want a ride on a military chopper. Do you happen to have any connections? ;)

IF I had connections I'd play 'em for ME...first. Alas, even tho I do have connections of a very minor sort (SN1), he's worthless when it comes to snagging a ride... more's the pity. ;-)