Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Friday in the city

Last Friday, we went up to our Oklahoma City office for a design review. I've always loved downtown buildings, so this was a special treat for me. This is one of our OK City guys who showed me around the building, so I could take pictures of the cityscape.

Then we stopped by the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial which was very depressing. The group of school kids playing in the water was a welcome and cheerful sight.

I came back to Duncan, picked Lindz up, and then headed back to OK City to meet others for a Third Day concert.

And there he is - Mac Powell!


Junk Diva said...

The memorial photo is awesome.

Course of Perfection said...

Good times...good times.

Bag Blog said...

Great photos! Looks like you had lots of fun - as usual.

Skybag said...

Thanks you guys! I did have a fun time.