Monday, November 17, 2008

Pre-Wedding Rituals

All of us girls got our nails done the day before the wedding - Shay got a MANicure.

Hours before the wedding Lindz, Rea, Kat, and I went and had our hair done. No, that's not the finished product in the picture! The hairdresser curled our hair before she actually fixed it up.


Buck said...

Shay got a MANicure.

What is THAT? Enquiring Minds(tm) wanna know... really!

Great shots, Jess. Another mystery of life... revealed. (Except for the MANicure, of course)

inpassing said...

You all looked beautiful.

Bag Blog said...

Shay is some kind of man! Very few guys have enough confidence to go to the beauty shop and get a manicure. Most men would balk at that request, but then, they would be missing out on lots of fun and lots of pretty girls.

Skybag said...

A MANicure is a manicure for a guy (I think Shay made that up). Lindz asked him to get one since there was going to be pictures of their hands with their wedding rings. Shay was a great sport about it. He just laughed and talked to the Vietnamese people doing his nails like they understood English!

Buck said...

Ah. The picture angle makes good sense. Good on Shay.