Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Treasure Hunt

Mom set up a treasure hunt for my niece. She wrote about it on her blog, but asked me to post the pictures on mine (seems like she should have just given me the password to her blog ;)

Clue #1

Clue #2

Out to the chicken coop for the next clue. Zoe and my second niece helped too.

Then to the old calf barn

Next the tractor
There's Zoe again - she's just so helpful.

Then to the mailbox where she finally found the treasure - two pieces of candy.


Dale said...

You've got yourself a pretty special mom and niece there Jesse!

Lou was hoping that you were going to post the pics, I love the expression on her face when she finally got to the treasure. Your mom has alot of your grandfather in her and it shows through her children and grandchildren! Thanks for the visual!

Dawn said...

That face is priceless!! Makes us grannies want'a rush right out with our grand babies and play too. Great pictures Jes, thanks for sharing.

Bag Blog said...

I'll give you my password if you give me yours.

Buck said...

LOL on your last, Lou!

Great pics, Jess. Thank you!