Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Art Shopping at Montmartre

We took pictures from the artists we bought from.

I tried the pistachio

it was...interesting.

After our ice cream break, we went back to buy some more art. You would be surprised at how much brain energy it takes to pick out the perfect painting for a reasonable price... and you have to talk with all the artists... there is a language barrier...and our time was limited because we had to catch a train to Angers.

I think maybe I choose the art pieces I did just because I like the artists so much!


Buck said...

The art shopping pics are cool... very cool... but what caught my eye was the photo of the boulangerie. There is absolutely NOTHING in the world to compare with the aromas of a French bakery, especially as they bring the freshly-baked bread out of the ovens.

War story: One of my chores as a child when we lived in France was to ride my bicycle to the bakery every morning around 0600 and buy fresh bread for breakfast. I went back to that same neighborhood bakery some 25 years later and the young sisters that worked in the store now owned it (and were old ladies by that time). They claimed to remember that little American boy who came in every morning for three years... and The Second Mrs. Pennington was most impressed.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

i'm with Uncle Buck and i've never even been there.

Jo Castillo said...

Looks like you had a swell time! You were missed in Oklahoma while you were gone. :)

Skybag said...

Buck! You should go back and see if the sisters still remember you ;)

I did have a swell time, and I will post some more food pics!

Bag Blog said...

Maybe I should post a pic of the painting you bought for me.
And may I say you two look quite chique in Paris.