Friday, October 2, 2009

Taste of France

We survived! And had a blast - the whole trip was one huge, non-stop adventure!

I'll try to write down some of the stories as I post pictures. Until then, here's a few pics taken with my old, little camera. We took most of the pictures with Lindsay's way-awesome cameras, but I don't have copies of those pics yet, so...enjoy!

View from Montmarte

Some church we came across on our walk from Montmatre to the Eiffel Tower

We met up with my Uncle Craig and Catherine at the Eiffel Tower and then had dinner.

Chateau in Angers

Cycling in Angers

Pigging out on an omelette in Nice

Swimming in the Mediterranean

Nice at sunset


Bag Blog said...

You picked some good pics. Nice Nice sunset! My favorite has to be Uncle Craig with his "sly dog" look - probably 'cause he is out with three beautiful women.

joyce said...

thanks for sharing! So glad you had a grand time. what did you sense from the French? Were they friendly toward you? Glad for tourists?

Buck said...

Great pics... and they triggered quite a few memories, as well. But we won't go there...

Were you surprised at the rocky beaches in Nice? (I mean vs. sand, of which there ain't any.)

Mezzo SF said...

Welcome home! beautiful pics!

Catherine MacDermott said...

Amazing how you and Lindz look so bright-eyed and refreshed in that dinner picture...considering you had been up, what, 36 hours?@!@! It's fun to see your pics; I look forward to the stories that only you can tell!

Skybag said...

For the most part everyone was nice. Occasionally, we encountered a crabby person. But when we really needed it, there was always someone there willing to help. I was incredibly grateful for these people - I'll try to tell some of those stories.

Buck, I had read that the beach was rocky, but I was surprised at the smoothness of the rocks. Had I had water shoes, it would have been the ideal beach!

Thanks again Catherine! More pics and stories to come!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

next course please, the appetizer was great!