Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sheppard Airshow

My work buds and I went to the Sheppard Airshow Saturday. The Canadian Snowbirds were the main attraction.

This is the tall, (fairly) good looking pilot that Em and I visited with and whom (is whom right?)my mom blogged about. He was actually very polite, talked with us for quite a while, and answered all our questions. He just didn't like Texas, which is fine - New York isn't on my top ten either.

This is the goofy Canadian pilot who was very pleased to take a picture with me.

Jan and Tim with an Osprey in the background.

Chad and Jan with a Warthog

The Snowbirds were cool, but this guy was by far the most entertaining. All the same, the F-15E that I don't have a picture of stole the show (or maybe my heart).

This man is from Amarillo. I got his business card, so I can contact him to contact me the next time he's at a fly-in in Oklahoma, so he can fly me around!

P-51 Mustang!

All of us.


Buck said...

Hey! Howcum some of the pics embiggen, and some don't? Enquiring Minds, and all that...

Isn't the contrast between the biplanes and the new stuff just amazing as all get out?

Skybag said...

I don't know, Buck, but it drives me crazy! And yes, the contrast is amazing. At one point, they had the F-15 and the P-51 fly side by side, which I thought was super cool!

Bag Blog said...

Look at the NY pilot and his stance - body language. Now look at the Canadian pilot. Nuff said.

Mike said...

Nice pics...heritage flights (the Mud Hen flying with the Mustang) are by far my favorite, particularly if they're done so the aircraft line up with their missions...fighters with fighters, fighter bombers with fighter bombers, etc. Coolest one I ever saw was a Mustang, Sabre, Eagle, and Raptor...four generations of air superiority.

Any other noteworthy demos?

Junk Diva said...

Cool pic.s. Looks like fun.