Monday, January 19, 2009

Enchanted Rock

Well, Mom and I actually got a little bored with shopping in Fredericksburg (crazy, huh?), and headed for home in the early afternoon. On a whim we stopped by the Enchanted Rock state park. One of Mom's blogging buddies suggested it.

There was a line of cars backed out to the highway waiting to get into the park. Here I thought we were going to get away from the crowds! It really wasn't that bad once we got to hiking.

Me and Mum

I just pretended to sip - as you can see there is a water bottle in the pocket of my backpack.

At work I loaded my pictures to a public drive so my coworkers could view them (and photoshop them). I kind of liked this one.


Buck said...

Nice P-Shop on the last. Me likee! Your other pics are great, too, Jess.

Bag Blog said...

Although I knew Jesse was not really going to sip that water in the puddle, the mother in me screamed, "Don't drink it!"

Fire Fox said...

It looks so warm and sunny... I am JEALOUS! Winter is not my fav time of year. I'm with Buck, the p-shop is awesome!

Skybag said...

Thanks, Buck. Yeah it was either "Jesse Rules" or "Billy Bob loves Charlene".

I should have drunken the water just to drive you crazy.

Fire Fox, it did feel like a summer day - you may need to move south.

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