Thursday, January 8, 2009

San Antonio III

Spanish Governer's Palace

A shop inside the mercado

The Mercado again


Mezzo SF said...

HOW fun! I think my favorite pic is of the man and his guitar...just great!

Bag Blog said...

Maybe we should let it be known that although we took several pictures of our margaritas, we only had one each at a sitting. Although, my photos of the guitar man are a bit fuzzy.

Buck said...

I like the hat, Jess (2nd from the bottom)... it looks natural on ya! Didja buy it?

re: ...we only had one each at a sitting.

Mmmm-hmmm. Yeah. Right. OTOH, since it's you saying that, I'll believe it, Lou. It would be a LOT different if those words fell out of MY mouth... ;-)

Skybag said...

Yeah Mezzo, he was a fun guy. He was actually posing behind mom. She was picking her teeth or something, so I cropped her out of the picture!

Buck, we actually bought the hat for Dad. I wore it around while we shopped just so it wouldn't be crushed in Mom's bag. It takes a lot of guts to wear a hat like that - I felt like everyone was looking at me like, "Hmmm, that hat's an odd choice with that outfit." But I'm glad you liked it!

Fire Fox said...

Hi Jess, once again... great pics! A couple of questions... did you see any artwork of note at the spanish govenor's palace? In pic #7 did you notice the little bird sitting on the fountain? So cute!
The mercado is so full of interesting things I think I might have spent waaay to much time looking around!

Skybag said...

Fire Fox, there was artwork in the palace. I don't know if it was of note or not, but it was old! And no, I didn't see the little bird on the fountain - thanks, for pointing him out! He is cute!