Monday, January 12, 2009

San Antonio IV

King William Street

One of the residents came out and told us about his house being haunted. His story was a little cheesy, but I believed him nevertheless!

The River Walk - again.

I thought these guys looked like they were fencing.

I had never seen a bat before - kind of creepy! The picture is a little dark, but I didn't have the nerve to use my flash.

Cool Cats at the Starbucks


inpassing said...

I particulary like the 3 pics just before the bat picture. And yes...that bat is a little un-nerving even in the photo.

Buck said...

I stole one of your pics, Jess. And I put it to good use... I think.

re: bats. I had to kill one with a tennis racquet once upon a time. In my bedroom. While The Second Mrs. Pennington huddled under the blankets screaming "Is it gone? Is it gone yet?" At oh-dark-thirty in the morning. Good times... ;-)

RunningMad said...

I like the cool cats at Starbucks!

Skybag said...

Thanks Inpassing. The bat was even kind of slimy looking - eeewwwwww! Mom said she was worried (but I think she was secretly hoping that) the bat was going to fly up and make me scream. I would have too!

Thanks again, Buck! I left a comment on your blog. And yes, I can easily understand Mrs. Pennington's horror!!

That's because you are a cool cat, Reagan!

Mike said...

Hi! Your mother stumbled across my blog and left me a comment pointing me here. Those are some amazing pictures! I've lived in San Antonio for almost 3 years now and I've never seen it look like that. If you make it back to SA some time after August (when I get back from Afghanistan) drop me a line, we can hang out at Starbucks like the cool cats...


Towanda said...

I love all your San Antonio pictures, Jesse. They bring back a lot of personal memories for me. Thanks for posting them all. You have a great eye for good photography.

Junk Diva said...

Your pic.s are GREAT. maybe you are a photographer instead of a muscian HA HA HA !!!!! I have been working on a jigsaw puzzle for some time now ( can't seem to find time ) your pic.s would make some really fun puzzles.

Skybag said...

Thanks Towanda! Taking pictures was one of the best parts of the trip for me. I actually went to SA for my senior trip in 2000 and had the time of my life. On this trip I was a little surprised at how much didn't bring back memories! But I'm glad the pics brought back memories for you!

Yeah Diva! Funny you mentioned puzzles - I'm about to post some pictures of antique shops in Frederickburg. Some of them reminded me of puzzles that I used to work on with my Grandma.