Monday, January 5, 2009

San Antonio I

These pictures aren't posted in any order, but they were all taken our first day in San Antonio. They were also taken the first day of the year which was actually kind of a spooky day, because everything was closed and nobody was out, except of course, for the homeless. We were able to find one restaurant and a few shops open. Later in the evening people started showing up on the River Walk - Mom and I were glad to seem them!

This one is for all of the Nacho Libre fans.

My mom at the Mercado

Our hotel was down this street.


Bag Blog said...

Very artsy-fartsy, fortunately.

Buck said...

I'm running out of superlatives to describe your work, Jess.

That's some interesting and quite unusual lattice-work on the gate (fence?) your Mom's lurking behind... among the many, many other things that caught my eye in these photos.

Skybag said...

Thanks Mom, I was going for artsy but not so much for fartsy, unfortunately.

Buck, the lattice wall was a part of an art museum building. It stood out from the building about four feet and reflected off of the glass of the building - a funky affect. I have another picture of it that I'll try to post soon. And thanks for the superlatives :)