Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Byers Bike Bash

As a last minute decision, I went with Mom and Dad to Byers for the big bike bash. Right as the race started an air evac helicopter landed in town for people to look through and visit with the pilot. I had a sense of urgency to ride hard, so I could head back and check out the helicopter (and maybe pilot ;).
About a mile into it, Dad was long gone and Mom was having trouble. She kept complaining about how tough it was, and I was rolling my eyes thinking, Come on, Mom. We got to get back to that helicopter! Poor Mom, it turns out she had a flat tire. I waited with her for a little while, but she sent me on. As I was trying to catch up with Dad, I came across a little girl riding all by herself. I thought I’d at least say hello and check on her before I blew past her. Her name was Natalie, or Nat-Nat as her friends call her. She was a talkative, fun-loving, nine year old from Fort Worth, “I really just wanted a t-shirt, but the only way we could figure out how to get a shirt was to enter the race, so here I am!... I wonder what the winner will get? Probably, a big trophy and some money. I sure would like to win, but I don’t think I will. At the starting line, I should have just gone around the neighborhood to the finish line and said, ‘Where’s my trophy!?” I’m telling you I liked this kid! I rode with her for a couple miles before she pooped out and loaded up into her grandparent’s pick-up. Poor kid was talking so much she could hardly breathe! She was great, though. I’m still kicking myself for not getting a picture of her.
Mom had gotten her flat fixed and passed me by this time. I caught up with her and we joined Dad at the next rest stop. We had an enjoyable time riding in the drizzling rain on the back country roads. Towards the end it was getting pretty miserable. About a mile from the end of the race, I saw the helicopter fly away. I was severely bummed. But I got to meet Nat-Nat! She was worth missing the helicopter for. And my parents were fun too.

Me and my folks


Bag Blog said...

Notice that I am bringing up the rear - again. It is a good photo though.

Skybag said...

Well, there was that one point that Dad was looking back at you and he bit it - you were in the lead then :)