Thursday, May 21, 2009

Duncan Autocross

Saturday, Emmanuel Baptist put on an Autocross event for the community. Check out the Duncan Banner for the write -up.

I showed up a little late in the afternoon. My plan was to take pictures of all my buddies racing. But...I kinda got caught up in the racing myself! It was all free of charge, after you completed the race you just got back in line for another round and another chance to drive faster and better. Not only was I obsessed with beating my own time, but Kristie was riding with me. She increased the fun factor 10X. We screamed and laughed all through the course. (She videoed too, but I'm having trouble up-loading the files.) Anyhow, here's a few pics that I did take...
The line. There was a lot comparing times, ribbing, and general bragging going back and forth.

Kristie's son, Zack, waiting in line behind us. He had the second best time for the whole day.

A minivan taking a tight turn on the course. I was really fascinated with the idea of racing minivans. I called my brother several times to come by and race his - or at least let me race it! The cones were laid over purposely to point you in the right direction.

The score board. Notice all the cars in the "Sports Car" category. I listed my car in the compact category - made my score look a lot better ;)


Hummerfeeder said...

Hey girl, you were awesome. Had a great time riding along with you. Scott said we were squealing louder than the tires. LOL

Skybag said...

I was watching one of the videos, wondering if that was the tires or us!

Bag Blog said...

I didn't know that tires had such a southern twang!