Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fly Ride

Lately, I've been haunted by the Ghost of Springtime Past. Ever have that happen where you are flooded with memories with what you were doing the year before?
Well, three years ago, I dropped by the local airport to ask if I could take pictures of their airplanes to paint and draw from. They opened up the hangers for me and let me take pictures to my heart's content. Then they mentioned their old Beech aircraft, and had us (Lindsay was with me) leave our numbers for when they took it up the next time. They said they'd give us a call and let us come along. Oh Yeah!!! Not too long after that we did get a call and invite to go flying. I was very excited about flying in the old funky, antique airplane. After we got there, we learned that we'd only be flying in the Cessna. I was bitterly disappointed! Lindsay told me I was a brat, and then we cheerfully loaded up in the Cessna. Since I was a seasoned Cessna flier (2 previous flights) I let Lindsay ride in the front. (Who's the brat now!? ;) Airport Alan flew over both of our homes and all around the county - it was a good time. But it was no Beech.


Buck said...

Believe it or don't... there were still lotsa Twin Beeches on the ramp and on active duty, back in my day. Yeah: that dates me, doesn't it? A beautiful airplane, that, one of the prettiest.

Skybag said...

That's the best part of getting older is that you've seen some really cool stuff that the younger generation will never have the chance to see. You lived it, Buck!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

i love flying...a couple years ago we went up to the fly in at Chickasha with the Hoopes. We got to fly in one of those open canopy WWI bi-planes...absolutely NOTHING like was SO much fun!