Monday, May 5, 2008

Hawaii - Arrival

We survived Hawaii, or Hawaii survived us!

Each of us had our own camera, and we took a ridiculous amount of pictures! We were in Hawaii!!! - every moment and every sight was a novelty that had to be captured somehow and brought back to Oklahoma! I kept finding myself wanting to take pictures of the sound of the surf outside our window, of the live music playing, the breeze in the evenings, the way my funky fish tasted, or of the sweet smell of the flowers tucked behind my ear. (Or of being completely crushed by a "sweet" wave while boogie boarding and the sting of salt water in my eyes and nose! or of Reagan being pooped upon my bird - I'm sure she wished she could bring that sensation home to everyone!) But I can only bring back what my little camera can capture, and it just doesn't do any justice to Hawaii!
I'm going to post my Hawaii pics chronologically as best I can. So, I'll start with the evening of our arrival in Maui. We met Joe and Carla (Lindsay's and Rea's aunt and uncle from California, and two of the most enjoyable people I've ever met!) at the airport and followed them to our hotel. At the hotel we were greeted with leis. As soon as we reached our room we changed into our bathing suits and ran like mad for the beach.

I couldn't time my jump to match Lindsay's. We took several pictures and they all looked just like this one.

We did eventually get into the water, but I'm going to pass on posting very many swimsuit pics. But I am going to save those pics and show them to my grand kids someday, "See how hot your grandma and her friends use to be ..." And they'll say, "Ah Grandma, you're still hot!"


Buck said...

And they'll say, "Ah Grandma, you're still hot!"

There's absolutely NO doubt in my military mind about that! ;-)

Bag Blog said...

I see you got your jumping ability from your mother. Fortunately, you got your legs from your father.

Fire Fox said...

Nice pics! Looking forward to "hearing" the surf and "feeling the sting of the salt your next pics!

Dawn said...

Nice post :) sets the mood for the upcoming photo's nicely, and we are so looking forward to the rest of the story. So glad your home safely too

Course of Perfection said...

Jess, your words are as nice as your pics.