Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hawaii - Day 1 - 2nd half

We drove into Lahaina to Boss Frog's to book our surfing lessons, and rent boogie boards and snorkeling equipment.

We decided to go snorkeling right away and drove up the coast to Black Rock. It's the little spec on the far right of the horizon in this picture. We walked all the way down there to go snorkeling. Reagan had problems with her mask leaking, and I was getting sea sick. We weren't seeing much either, so we called it good and went back to the hotel.

This is the view from our hotel room.

Boogie boarding was next. As you can see I strapped the line to my leg. I quickly realized it was meant to be strapped to your wrist - live and learn :)

Our hotel had a beautiful, winding pool featuring a slide, waterfall, volleyball net, and basketball goal. Lindz and I got in trouble for riding down the slide double. The life guard threatened to take our "privileges" away. We're such rowdy and wild girls, ha!

This was meant to be a picture of a synchronized handstand, but I came up a little early which gives the impression that those are my legs sticking up.

Joe and Carla took us into Lahaina to walk around a bit and eat dinner.

A man balancing rocks on rocks - very interesting (for about 5 seconds)!

Kimo's - the restaurant we ate at.

My meal - I can't remember what kind of fish it was, but it was rich!

Can you feel the breeze?


Bag Blog said...

Ah, I think I can feel the breeze and smell the salt air. Okay, how old was the lifeguard who scolded you? Where you older than he was?

Buck said...

SEVEN bucks to park a car (first pic)? Yowza! I hope Hawaiians don't have to pay income tax...

Great pics, Jess. I liked the underwater shot a lot!

Skybag said...

The life guard was actually a girl not much older than us!

Funny you should notice the parking sign, Buck. We didn't, and we got a parking ticket the last day. When it says "Public Parking" I just assume it's free.