Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hawaii - Day 1 - 1st half

We got up between 5 and 6 every morning. We'd sit out on the balcony and have coffee with Joe and Carla.

Aren't early morning pictures fantastic!?

Joe had a real knack for spotting whales. We'd all be sitting around yakking and drinking our coffee, and he'd yell, "There's a whale!" We'd all jump up and gape at the sea for a few moments - "Where?" This would happen several times every morning. Eventually, we did get to where we could spot them as well.

I knew my dad would love these Hawaiian sea crafts.
We didn't have much planned for that morning, so we just goofed around on the beach for a while.

This is for you, Kat. Pardon my sloppy footwritting.

Some kids taking surf lessons on the beach.

Myself in the Pacific ocean.

Lindz writing names in the sand.

Reagan got a little too close to the surf. Ha!

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