Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hawaii - Day 5

Here we are riding down Maui's volcano Haleakala.

RC's Angels

Jamie and Kent of Arizona were celebrating their anniversary in Maui. They had the good fortune to be on the same tour as us. We really enjoyed them!

At a gift shop in Lahaina, there was a pearl booth set up. Joe would pick an oyster out of the "free" bucket. Then we had to tap the oyster three times, ring a bell, and say "AlooooHAaaa!" It worked too! Every time oyster we opened had a pearl in it ;) Carla, Lindsay, and I both had twin white pearls in the oysters that Joe picked out for us, and Reagan had a single black pearl.


Bag Blog said...

The biking pictures are great, but the statue pictures are too funny!

Inquiries said...

All the pictures are great. My favorite is you and the warrior statue.