Monday, May 12, 2008

Hawaii - Day 2

After surfing we laid out on the beach by our hotel.
Reagan - Me

Lindz and I were getting a little bored in the hot sun, so we took silly pictures while Reagan slept.

It was too hot on the beach, so we went and laid by the pool.

Then we walked the down the beach and collected pieces of reef, some rocks, and nut shells, but no sea shells!

These white legs cracked me up!

Then we laid around in a hammock - it was a pretty rough day!

This was our view while we waited for the elevator in our hotel.

Walking up the beach to go have dinner.

Lindz savoring every bite!


Bag Blog said...

The white legs picture looks very much like your dad and me. "Oh my Gosh! Mom! Dad! What are you doing here!"

Course of Perfection said...

Awesome pics, as usual. I can't believe you girls didn't knock those kids off that tree to climb it yourself...or was that just not caught on film? :^)

Junk Diva said...

Wish I were there!

Lou: They caught you guys spying on them!!!!!!!

Sea-gal said...

I'm ready to go back! We went in 1985 for a week and it was great. Now we settle for Crystal Beach in Texas. I love it there, too. The water's not blue, but it'll do. We've been going there for about 20 years now and would probably have withdrawals if we couldn't go! Your pictures are awesome.