Monday, August 11, 2008

Hobie Dog

Everybody and their dog showed up at Duncan lake for some sailing Sunday afternoon.

Scott let us take turns taking his cat out. It rained on us a little bit while we were out sailing. Sailing in the rain was a surreal experiance - all except for wandering if at any moment you might be fried by lighting!
Ranger, Dad, and Ali lounging.

We kayaked (Kat and Ruth).

We played washers (Kat).

We grilled.

We swam.

Ranger found a small Island. You can see Mom and Dad in the distance with the kite.

Scott and Kristie landed the boat and Tank, their puppy, flew off - you can see his little bum in the air.

We visited.
It was a wonderful evening!


Mezzo SF said...

What is washers? Something akin to horseshoes?

RJ said...

We visited.
It was a wonderful evening!

It was a very wonderful evening. : ) I thank you guys very much for letting us tag along. Though I was told by my oldest that my two youngests were kayak hogs. I apologize for not being up on that one. They've been bugging us all day for some kayaks of their own and my middle one loves the cat so much that he was outside, in the rain, building one out of the outside toys. Too funny!!!!

Skybag said...

Yep Mezzo, washers is just like horseshoes, but with a different scoring system - a lot of fun too!

RJ - I'm glad you all had fun! And, your boys weren't kayak hogs at all - I was really pleased that they enjoyed them so much! We'll have to go again before fall, so your boys can get full use out of those kayaks ;)