Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hotter'n Hell Hundred (25)

Saturday, a group of us rode in the Hotter'n Hell Hundred. Well, we only rode 25.
I had my coworkers and then my regular church friends all staying at my Grandma's house. Talk about "worlds colliding", but it was really a fun mixture of people and we had a great time!

My parents
The one picture we have of Jan. He's the only one in out group that did the full 100 miles, so he took a different route than the rest of us.

Jay getting his game face on.

Lindsay bored out of her mind while waiting for the race to start.
Pretty country side

We rode through Shepard Air Force base. For some reason I just really like this picture ;)

The airmen cheered us on. They really got into it too!

Here we are at the finish line!


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

so you're saying that you really like Holstein colored F-16's? Hey that's cool, i guess. I remember you and Lindz taking that pic on the bridge.

Buck said...

All y'all looked GREAT... Stylin' and Profilin'!!

So... free beer at the finish line, given the all sponsor banners, logos, and such? Now that's incentive!

Bag Blog said...

I'm not sure the beer was free at the finish line, but Jan said it was free at the last rest stop before the finish line. Unfortunately, that was just for the 100 mile riders.

For such dorky helmets, you girls still look cute.

Skybag said...

Holy cow, Piper! I didn't realize that was an F-16! He probably flies one - I should have talked to him more! Now I feel sick.

Buck, yeah we are stylish cycling nerds! lol

Dawn said...

Amazing, I gotta hand it to you guys, I'm such a wimp on the bike! I wonder though, maybe now I could do it, after 6 months of getting my rear off the chairs and out on the road, my legs just might cooperate :)
Looks like you all had fun and you all looked great! I was glad to see an actual photo of your Mom finally, she never posts pictures of herself :(