Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Austin - Labor Day Weekend

Labor day weekend, Grandma and I drove down to Austin to visit my uncle Craig and Catherine.
Grandma and Craig
Me and Catherine

Catherine gave us a tour of St Edward's University's beautiful campus where she teaches.

We stopped in a funky vintage shop.
Federline - Yo! & Spears

Catherine and Craig took us to hear Ray Wylie Hubbard in concert. His music was alright, but the stories he told between songs were much more entertaining!

Grandma and Uncle Craig knew Hubbard from when he was a jeep driver in Red River, NM. Grandma, a beautician, claims that Hubbard's was the first guy's hair she'd ever cut. Apparently, he's changed hair styles since then :)
It was a very relaxing atmospere - we just sat around, listened to the music, watched kids run around and play, ate food, and drank beer - very pleasant. I think Duncan needs some outdoor theaters and stages!

Grandma, myself, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Uncle Craig, Cousin Nina, and speacial thanks goes to Catherine for taking the picture!
Sunday morning, we went for a walk at Town Lake. Here's a picture of Catherine taking a picture.

We stopped at Austin Java for some breakfast.

Sculling facinates me!

We went swimming in the neighbor's pool while they were gone.

We went to the theater where they served dinner while you watched the movie. I'd never eaten in a theater and I always wondered how it worked - it's a pretty neat set up!

I love my family!
I had a wonderful labor day weekend - Thank you, Uncle Craig and Catherine!!!


Bag Blog said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. You forgot to mention the neighbor's pool - I hope Uncle Craig remembered his swim trunks. Get a look at Grandma's legs - she prayed and prayed that I would not have her skinny legs - that still makes me mad.

Let me tell you - at one time Ray Wylie was a hunk, but definitely a "wild a$$."

Buck said...

Excellent shots...as always and ever... the sculling pics, in particular. Said before, but bears repeating: you have an excellent eye, Jess.

What I wouldn't give to have an apartment in that building overlooking Austin Java! That looks like the perfect place, for a number of reasons...

Dawn said...

The picture of you and your grandmother is very sweet :)

Skybag said...

Yeah Mom, while we were at the concert, grandma kept mentioning how jealous you would be that we got to see Hubbard. I couldn't figure out why!

Buck, most of those scull shots were dumb luck. My favorite one, where you can see the swirls in the water - my camera locked up right as I was about to take the picture, and I just had to take what I could before they sculled away. If my camera hadn't jammed up I would have missed the swirls. And I thought the same thing about the apartments while I was sitting there eating breakfast.

Thanks, Dawn!