Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday Night Soccer

Mondays after work, a bunch of the guys get together to play soccer. There is also a handful of kids that I'm not really certain how they found out about our games, but they show up every week. It's always a good time!

Of course, I didn't have any pictures of myself playing. The closest representation I could find of my own soccer skills is a combination of Daffy Duck and the competitive jerk. Although, I think I will always have a Daffy complex, I'm really trying to lose the whole competitive jerk reputation that I've built up over the summer. This week I did plow into a defender. It was an honest mistake - I was completely focused on the ball and the sweet goal I was about to make when WHAM!!
Me, "Owwwww! Are you alright?!" She simply nodded yes.
"That really hurt me. It must have hurt you too?!" She just looked at me at me this time.
"Was that your chin that hit my shoulder!?" She nodded yes.
"And you're okay?!" Again the nod. I thought about asking one more time, but I was starting to figure out that she just might be okay. She obviously didn't know that soccer is a dramatic sport. Everyone knows that if you come into contact with the opposing team you're required to flail around and scream for a while. And if someone says, "Yo mama wears combat boots." then you head-butt them.

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Bag Blog said...

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, do try to be nice to the little kids.