Friday, September 19, 2008

Study of Monkey No.2 in Black and White

We were at the park and she got sleepy all of a sudden while swinging - she just leaned over and rested her little head on the edge of the tire. Then Bo picked her up and swang with her.

My sister-in-law is teaching my nieces sign language. My second niece already sounds like a little cave woman when she speaks with her deep voice and single syllable words. The other day we were trying to get her to say "Ciao, Baby!" She would say, "oww (pause) Bay - bEEE!" Then watching her do all her little signs to go with her single words - well, it really fascinating and entertaining!

She's such a little joy!!! (And isn't it amazing how much we look alike?)


Bag Blog said...

Every now and then, I see Sophie with a serious frownie face, and I think, wow, that looks just like Jesse's serious frownie face.

I have always said that you were the most beautiful baby. If you don't believe me, go back and look at this picture.

Spoken like a true mother!

Buck said...

Spoken like a true mother!

And with great good reason, too.

inpassing said...

I love seeing the photos of the girls. I guess who she looks like is colored by the eyes of who is looking. When I saw the photos, I said "That looks just like sister".

Catherine said...

Jesse, your gifts are many... one of those is your photographic eye AND HEART! --you are able to capture life, heart, and soul - whether it's a soccer match, a kayaking trip, a first movie, or a tire swing on a playground -- emotions are captured, life is embraced, and a message of hope and joy is communicated louder than any words could ever communicate.

Fire Fox said...

Wow Jesse, I just checked out your Mom's link to a picture of you when you were three... you and the "little monkey" could be twins!

Skybag said...

Thanks, Mom, but you should have put a link to one of Bo's baby pics. I think she looks a lot like him back when he was cute ;)

Wow Catherine! You can leave a comment on my blog anytime you want! I really appreciate it - thanks!

I don't know Firefox - I think all we had in common was wild curly hair and being a ham for the camera!

Patty - let's see a picture of Penny!

Mezzo SF said...